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More "On the Boards"!

Some named. Some not named.  

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Don't Call It A Comeback...

Currently "on the baords"; some entries for the planned update of the Go Get 'em Handbook to the Multiverse...

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Fun Adventure Comics Returns!

The Beginning of something...?
And that something's beginning...

Kid Halcyon circa 1941 and later Halcyon circa 2012...

Monday, November 7, 2011

قانون حرية المعلومات

Real Name: Unrevealed
Occupation: Hacker for Hire
Identity: Secret; assumed by authorities to be a collective rather than an individual operator.
Legal Status: Unknown (assumed Arabic), currently wanted by every security organization in the world.
Known Aliases: iFREEt is believed to be an operational alias for a collective of independent operators.
Place of Birth: Unknown; though Hacker my.TH is spreading rumors that he was born on the internet.
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliations:  Advertised as a lone operator; believed by national and international security agencies worldwide to be affiliated with their hostile counterparts.
Base of Operations: Worldwide Web; Hacker my.TH claims he can be found in the Dez.rt.
First Appearance: Unpublished as of yet
History: The hacker (or hackers) known as iFREEt began operating only recently. It is difficult to asses the exact actions of this operator due to the prevalent rumors being reported via worldwide internet sources.  There are numerous claims of breaking informational databases and re-calibrating operating systems to give workers access to restricted information. It has also been rumored that iFREEt is responsible for the recent debt erasure virus which caused 33% of worldwide debt collecting databases to crash and erase all their data.  He/She/They gained worldwide notoriety and infamy for disintegrating every firewall on every computer worldwide at once for 10 minutes.  This is the only action iFREEt has taken credit for to date. He/She/They acknowledged involvement by spamming advertisements for "information retrieval" services to every computer that utilized the firewall break during that ten minutes.  It is assumed (at least publicly) by various national security agencies that this is the work of a collective of hackers and they are currently investigating in their respective countries the existence of operators linked with iFREEt.  The hacking 'community' interprets iFREEt differently.  It is assumed that iFREEt is an independent operator with some major juice contacts or an insider with new tech. Rumors and blatant advertising by iFREEt himself claim; "There once was a thief whose work seemed quite funny, but the law thought it had to be all about money. They took both his hands in their ownership debate consigning him early to a dark and dreary fate. But our thief persevered and continued to steal and one day found out a very great deal.  He took what he could and padlocked what remained, which is why they all want him shackled and chained!  Our thief is now loose and running amok, and you thought him all such a dismissible f-!  Information is freedom! Free the information!"