Monday, August 22, 2011

A Brief History of Time...

Go Get 'Em Multiverse!
Welcome to the worlds of possibilities! 

Go Get 'Em Multiiverse is a catalog of imaginary places and times.  What continuity exists is always subject to change at the whim of THE CELESTIAL SCRIBE, an all powerful being whose existence is often debated but as of yet not refuted. GODs do exist in the Go Get 'Em Multiverse, and at times they have chosen to meddle in the affairs of mortals but now only do so occasionally, due to an injunction filed against them by STEVEN DRAKE, SUPER LAWYER in the controversial 1974 federal case dog v. GOD.  Any GODs found breaking this injunction are sentenced to walk the earth as a mortal for 1100 years and must find employment in the civil service industry.  Along with GODs, Go Get 'Em Universe is home to numerous SUPERNATURAL forces which currently refrain from direct activity on the mortal plane of existence because a "family" reunion taking place across several dimensional realities and has been prophesied to last until 'the Bizsha-menzes exhausts itself in inutterable orgasm with the Heglefftin-dra'. This prophesy was taken down in 1993 by MR. MAGIC who shortly thereafter went stark raving mad and is currently under observation at S.P.A. 22.  
Through the aeons there have been a multitude of important and thought dominating planetary systems.  Go Get 'Em Multiverse focuses on Earth and the Milky Way Galaxy.  This does not mean there is only one Earth and Milky Way Galaxy, nor that other planets and galaxies do not interact, exactly the opposite is true.  There have been innumerable encounters with parallel worlds/dimensions/realities and alien beings from those worlds/dimensions/realities.  Who can forget the First Contact Wars of 1962-1977/1988-1993/2001-??  Due to being currently engaged in fighting the THIRD FIRST CONTACT WAR Earth has restricted certain involvements with Alien worlds it is in contact with and is currently subverting the "rights" of Aliens living on Earth.  Earth is divided politically on the subject of the THIRD FIRST CONTACT WAR, with the Western Hemisphere actively battling and the Eastern Hemisphere still negotiating its tactics.  Pockets of resistance to both sides pepper the globe.  THE EARTH POWERS BRIGADE and EARTH'S LEAGUE OF SUPER DEFENDERS maintain security for the Milky Way Galaxy under the recently instituted HOMEGALAXY SECURITY LAW and THE TERRA FIRMA UNION ACT. 
Politically it is a dark time. The UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION V.2.5 enacted by THOMAS JEFFERSON, THE DARING PRESIDENT in 1976 is on the verge of being suspended.  The SUPER POWERED REGISTRATION ACT has received increased funding and legal enforcement powers due to these changes in the current Planetary Constitutions.  From this two new organizations were created; the BIOCENOTIC ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENT and the  Office of REGISTRATION ENFORCEMENT/ DETAINMENT These agencies have become responsible for 'policing' the Earth and at times have exceeded the authorities given to them.  All previously independent super-powered operators now must be registered or are subject to indefinite detainment.  Any person displaying super-powers is to be reported to a R.E.D. CELL AGENT.  All experiments resulting in super-powers must be sanctioned by the BIOCENOTIC ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENT.   Any defying of these "laws" is subject to investigation and detainment.  These are but a few of the current legislations in effect.   Most of the Eastern Hemisphere and pockets of the Western Hemisphere suffer from this increased governing and have become destabilized.  Political relations between the independent nations of Earth have also become strained.  But that's 2012 for ya!  Let's take a look at some other timescapes of the Go Get 'Em Multiverse.
The Wonder Years: 200,000 B.C.E.-1900 C.E. (abridged)
This era is shrouded in mystery and speculation, currently under investigation by THE  M.Y.S.T.E.R.I.U.M LEAGUE and other expert scholars.  That which you may already know about this period is in the process of being dis-proven.  Check with your local M.Y.S.T.E.R.I.U.M. branch office for more information.
The Birth of Bold!: 1900 C.E.-1930 C.E.
Here's where it all gets 'real'!  Those imaginary tales you may have read about, now aren't so imaginary.  They're really are ants on the moon!  Mars did in fact invade England!  and America did once stand for truth and justice!  Noteworthy heroes of this time period: AGENT UNKNOWN, DR. LUCIAN VANDERVILLE-GHOST HUNTER, HUGH MANNING-THE EIGHTH WONDER

The Halcyon Daze: 1938 C.E.-1950 C.E.
The Modern Era: 1950 C.E-2010 C.E.
Under construction

N.O.W.!   2011 C.E.-2012 C.E.
Under construction

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